"Don't Wish Too Hard For What You Wanted, Cos Then You Might Get It, And Then When You Get It You Might Wish You Never Got It At All" ...Peter Allen

You would have to have been incredibly naive or ignorant or both to believe that a vote for Trump was a vote for the average American. It's like slipping through the bars into the Lion's den believing the Lion has your interests at heart. DJT's core supporters seem not to even notice that they have been bent over so far forward, their paints down, their asses in the air, all the blood rushing into their heads, while Trump and his gang screw them harder and harder, careening their futures into the kind of base hell that they'll be hard done to ever recover even the current ground from. And they're all yelling "Freedom! America! Fuck Muslims! Build The Wall! Trump is for the Working Man!". Meanwhile Trump is golfing, bolstering awareness of his personal brand around the globe, doing whatever he can to raise the stock values of the corporations his associates, supplicants and servants own shares or interests in, all the while grunting and snorting and sniffing like a pig at the world's most enormous trough, and late at night, an hour or two before his pre-dawn Tweetrants he squeals out across the lawns: "Suuuuuueeeeeeeeee!"


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