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Novel Excerpt - NaNoWriMo entry 2012

When it was all said and done she just wanted to be with her boys. Nothing fancy, nothing overblown. Any mother would have wanted the same. They’d been taken so young. Jimbo was five, Harry was just two. Drowned together one perfect late spring afternoon in October of 1929.

Grandma had not been to church since 1968. How she’d maintained any kind of faith during the intervening four decades was anyone’s guess. She had been four months pregnant with Shep when it happened and had kept going on with her life, kept washing the floors, cooking the meals, caring for her eldest seven-year-old Joyce, kept going in to church every Sunday in a daze..

“There was nothing else to do,” she told Nick. “No one had any answers, or any ideas or comfort,” she told him one Sunday morning a week before Christmas. He was still recovering from his 14th birthday two days earlier.
They were sitting out back of Grandma’s house smoking cigarettes on the back verandah, staring down at the half-emp…
The List
The lady next door is moving. She came by one morning, asked me to please look after the local, wandering cat.
“It’s just like Tabitha,” she said. Her old cat. Tabitha was not all there, she said. She used to punch and claw at things that weren’t there.
“Cats,” I shrugg
“That’s what they do.”
The lady waved her hand at me and screwed up her lip. She was on the verge. She didn’t want comfort or opinions. She just wanted someone to stand still and be quiet while she talked.
Tabitha died of dehydration - just lay out in the sun one stinking summer’s morning and stayed there til late afternoon. Too stupid or lazy to move to the shade. So the lady next door had taken Tabitha to the vet where they’d packed her in ice and injected all kinds of stuff into her poor, fried, motionless body and then she’d died the next morning. And this neighbourhood cat - nobody knew her name - had the exact same markings.
The lady next door was moving because she had fallen behind in…