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Time and Space and Me

I still can't believe it. I'm pinching myself. Urrrnnngghhh. Mmmmmmnnnnhhhh. I had more postal business to do yesterday and if you don't know, me and post offices, we are natural enemies in the wild.  But yesterday, yesterday, it felt like I turned a corner in my life and suddenly was walking along in a parallel universe. In this parallel universe not only is the post office open after lunch in the summer, like every single week day, it is populated, staffed if you will, by friendly, helpful people. Pinch pinch. But I'm ahead of myself. I got the news that I had to post off some more plakate (posters) to this venue I'm gonna play at. I got this news at 11.57am. I thought, gees, it'll take me two minutes to grab the posters and walk to the car and get out into the street. By then it will be 11.59am. I'll have one minute to drive to the post office. Which is not impossible. But if I arrive at 11.59.59, for example, the 'ladies' at the post office ar