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I was sitting there, up in the loft, the little studio-office where I do most of my work, and I was trying to explain the art of guitar practice to Eric, one of my students.

Next to the wall, at my right hand, stood the new electric piano which had arrived yesterday in two enormous boxes that scared the living shit out of grandma when she'd answered the door.

Grandma was over cos little Bonnie, eight years old, was sick as a dog for the third day running.
When I heard the doorbell and then BarnBoy the dog going crazy downstairs I knew it must be the new electric piano.

I expected it to be the same size as my little electric keyboard that sits between my typing keyboard and the computer screen on which I'm now watching these letters appear from left to right…

My little electric keyboard has 49 keys. It's lightweight. Maybe two kilograms. Piece of cake. This is more or less what I was expecting the new electric piano to be. We got it so Bonnie can practice piano cos she jus…