Ally Westover - Lullaby


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The Forever Dance

My wife loses her wallet nine times a week on average.
She can NEVER find it.
My job is to find it. It's an unwritten law. If I don't find it within ten or fifteen minutes I am deemed hopeless as a hunter-gatherer by her DNA. I gotta climb down off my silver steed, pull my helmet visor up, and scour the Kingdom. Now over 15 years that means she's lost it seven thousand and twenty times. I have found it seven thousand and ten times. Our daughters, the dogs and the cat have found it the remaining ten times.
Once early on it was under a saucepan lid. So naturally every time she calls out "Have you seen my purse?" I say, almost every time, "Did you check under the saucepan lid?"
This gets no laughs at all.
Today she lost it again.
She arrived home from the shops, came in the house and said "Have you seen my purse?"
I said "Didn't you take my car out last night? Maybe it's in there?"
"I took it out of your car this morning before wo…

"Come Away With Me" a Nora Jones song, interpreted by Paul Fogarty


The Light And The Dark Of It

I've just lay in bed for no more than two minutes and then this thought insisted itself on me. So now I pass it on to you because that's part of my job.  It's not so much that it's the left verses the right, or the young verses the elderly, or the poor verses the rich, or the black verses the white verses the yellow verses the brown, or the new verses the old, or the analogue verses the digital or the bitcoin verses the dollar, or women verses men, or Jesus verses Muhammed or Krishna or Buddha or the great Joo Joo up the mountain.
It's darkness verses light.  And this battle is being waged in every small interaction, no matter how seemingly trivial. This is where hell lives - in the everyday, in the mundane, in seeing the worst in everything. And heaven, heaven is the opposite of that. Shining a light - through love, kindnesses, wisdom, patience, understanding, empathy, sympathy. If the world was a great warehouse there are now more than enough people trying to tur…

Fess Up, Stupid

Fake Leadership:
I think it's like this: if you're not bright, if you're dim, you really need someone to follow, otherwise you're just stumbling around bumping into the world as it evolves every single day. I mean there's a lot of decisions dim folks would have to make if left up to their own devices - who to hate for the rise in the price of potatoes, who to hate for the minimum wage not covering the cost of rent and basic items, who to hate for being too lazy to take one's own life by the scruff of the neck and shaking it into something halfway decent. 
I think if you really are stupid the first step is admitting that you're stupid. Cos every decision you make has a grave risk of being the wrong one. And dozens upon hundreds upon thousands of wrong decisions must become in short order an impossible burden to willingly take responsibility for. Not only that but you risk the lives and livelihoods of countless other people who more or less know what they'r…