All for One and One for One

Conservatives are focused on themselves. Their own selves. No one else. Conserving. Holding on to what they got. But this is a misnomer. To call someone conservative is to grant that they earned what they have and are merely trying to hold on to it. They are never called "thieves" or "takers" or "Bullies" or the descendants of successful people, should any of those shoes happen to fit. This is why each election cycle is kind of weird for them because at some point they have to leave their house, go out into the world where the bad people are - not to mention the sick and the poor - and pretend to be friends with other conservatives who are also pretending to be friendly with them because if they don't they would never be able to form any kind of team and certainly not a political party and so they have to pretend, at least for part of each four year term to be working for each other, for the country, for the constitution, for the founding fathers, for guns, for God, so they can pull a con and hopefully win an election and give themselves and their temporary friends tax breaks and other benefits which they syphon from the people they are otherwise trying to avoid - bad people, the sick, the poor - and then they can kick back and hate each other again and get on with the business of thinking only about themselves. On the other side, the "Socialist" side, are people who believe everyone is born with inalienable rights - to liberty, life, the pursuit of happiness etc. These are over-arching rights which are not dependant on an election cycle or conning people or making enemies of 'bad guys' or the sick and the poor, or women, or blacks, or Indians, or people who identify differently from any perceived norm.


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