The Light And The Dark Of It

I've just lay in bed for no more than two minutes and then this thought insisted itself on me. So now I pass it on to you because that's part of my job. 
It's not so much that it's the left verses the right, or the young verses the elderly, or the poor verses the rich, or the black verses the white verses the yellow verses the brown, or the new verses the old, or the analogue verses the digital or the bitcoin verses the dollar, or women verses men, or Jesus verses Muhammed or Krishna or Buddha or the great Joo Joo up the mountain.
It's darkness verses light. 
And this battle is being waged in every small interaction, no matter how seemingly trivial. This is where hell lives - in the everyday, in the mundane, in seeing the worst in everything. And heaven, heaven is the opposite of that. Shining a light - through love, kindnesses, wisdom, patience, understanding, empathy, sympathy. If the world was a great warehouse there are now more than enough people trying to turn the light off, to make it dark, to make it fearful and primal and they would have a field day of it - pouncing on every insecurity and fear, feasting off it. Our job, if we have one, is to make sure that doesn't happen. To carry the light within us. To be undaunted by the ignorant, to be unswayed by the conmen and their dangling sycophants. 
This is why every abuser makes their victims keep the secret. To keep it in the dark. Just one utterance changes everything, though. And forever. That is the power we all have. To utter truth when remaining silent would only serve to feed the darkness. In the darkness of silence, of lies, the Epsteins and Weinbergs and Pells thrive. Usually for a very very long time. They know the inherent goodness of people, of their aversion to causing a ruckus, to making a fuss, to making someone else look bad. They profit from the goodness, the kindness, the meekness of people. They get away with it until they don't anymore. Until enough lights are lofted overhead to show the real picture. The truth.


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