The ultimate aim of Google and Facebook is to merge with each other, to know each other in the biblical sense, to surround themselves with the accoutrements of the civilised world, aka the cream of the apps, and to provide us all with an alternate reality, another dimension.

In this other dimension we will know, once and for all, not how we see the world and our place in it, but how the world sees us, in cold hard facts as well as in socially acceptable and easily digestible chunks,  and our place in that world.

In this other dimension Google earth will not just show models of buildings, and photographs of forests, and glue all the satellite images of world geography together to make a kind of patchwork quilt, a familial hand-me-down version of planet earth, it will instead show us everything that is going on everywhere at any given moment... and even perhaps, those moments which are yet to arrive. Aka the future.

Because to piece together everything that is knowable now is to open the door to predicting which way any given marble will roll, any given smoke particle will float, any given wave will radiate, any given mind will think.

In a sense we have been preparing ourselves for this world for some time. Think of how much more alert we've become, how much more savvy we've become about so many things... simple things like computer graphics, like film technique, like art and photography, like writing, like sculpting, like children rearing, like treatment of others, like integration, like the blending of musical styles and genres, like corruption, like pollution, like warfare, like drug trafficking, like arms dealing...

We can now see clearly when someone comes on TV and is lying about something.
We see it in their eyes, in their body language, in the wavering of their voices. We now know that athletes dope, that politicians betray, that corporations steal and lie and cheat and kill and deny and quash. We now know that governments murder, neglect, abuse, and favour. that policemen bash, that singers lip sync. We are evolving. We are getting better at providing ourselves with background information that is helpful and which informs us and the decisions we make in reliable and even wise ways.

Google and Facebook are leading us in all directions at once. But the most worthwhile direction is the direction inward... the mapping of the inner self. The inner world. By relating to those around us, and by having those relationships documented, we can see more clearly where we fit, how we fit, what our limitations are, our habits, our strengths, our weaknesses, our pros and cons. It's a fascinating study of humanity. We are watching ourselves evolve, interact, become somehow more present in the physical world while traveling somehow through both cyberspace and through non-space, through the realm of dreams, of energy, of spirit and in the final analysis those two, or three worlds will meet and mesh and intertwine and lose themselves and their perceived barriers in a single new dimension which we will all recognise, once we see it and feel it, as home. 


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