More Excerpts from "Life Tips For The Young"

Day Dreams
Day Dreams exist to make you realise that yes indeed you did just doze off for a few minutes at your desk when you should have been working. You might even have snored.

The main purpose of snoring is to alert your loved ones and intimate partners that although they are important to your sense of well being, acceptance and belonging they are not as important as your need to fully self-express even while asleep and if they don’t like it they can lump it.
In physiological mumbo-jumbo snoring is caused by the inflation of the Snorkus Reticulii Flap which is invisible during the day time or when one is in an upright position but visible at night or while lying horizontally. The SR Flap is believed to have developed over a million years ago to help scare away predatory mammals on the plains of Winnebego.

There are two sorts of visions: the cheap ones that have absolutely no monetary value and the dear ones from which a lucrative lecture circuit career can be honed.
Visions are more believable if they come from a blind person. Otherwise they are just day dreams. (see Day Dreams)

Spirit Guy
The spirit guy is a vague collection of non-tangible plasma and glittery dust formed into the shape of a wise old North American Indian medicine man or Shaman. The Spirit Guy does not really exist but what difference does that make?

Mentors have a sense of perspective that mentees may not yet have developed. Far better it is instead of repeating the mistakes of others to simply ask someone who’s been there before you.

Everyone who ever lived is a student, or was at some time. Having a student mentality is the absolute guaranteed best way to get through life. For no one ever knew everything or even came close. Being a student in the truest and original sense of the word means you are open to experience, to the well-considered advice and discoveries of those who went before you. Many people look down on students as if they are a troublesome weight that the ‘rest of us’ have to carry. Nothing could be further from the truth. The student is usually bright, inquisitive, ethical, disciplined, focused, balanced and smart. Things many non-students can never hope to be.

Donald Trump
Proof, if we needed it, that money does not buy taste.

Book Store
Used to be a time when a book store would stock whatever the individual owner decided according to what his customers were likely to be interested in. Nowadays a book store is like a large three-dimensional billboard that serves to advertise goods that are available for sale at the on-line shop.


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More Excerpts from :"Life Tips For The Young"

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