The Soul as the Ultimate Real Estate

There's a certain element of preclusion that allows all religions to continue to exist and even to recruit new generations of followers and it includes this: It may be that creationists do not believe in evolution not because their belief system prevents such a belief but because their belief system offers up ignorance such as theirs as the solution, the end point, the ceiling, the finish line. It is a kind of circular argument that threads through ones image of oneself and through the eye of one's beliefs. To admit to evolution one has to be the kind of person who is themselves evolved enough to have finally crawled out from the darkness of pre-medieval superstition and what we now call ignorance and therefore evolved enough to have already discarded the creationist belief. In this kind of argument, this kind of philosophical entanglement there is no actual entanglement. No segment of the circle of creationist belief at any time crosses over any segment of the circle of evolution knowledge.
It reminds me of a not-too-ancient argument put forward in Philosophy 101 that the mere appearance of a watch, the fact of its existence, proved the existence of a watchmaker. And so therefore, the argument went, the existence of a world proves the existence of a world maker.
Which is just plain bunk. It's from the same family as the banana-was-made-to-fit-in-a-human-hand-thereby-proving-not-only-the-existence-of-God-but-that-man-was-made-in-his-image crock.
Cos the watchmaker did indeed make the watch. Easy. But the world doesn't need a maker. That is a little slight of philosophical hand right there. Like 'alternative facts'. The universe, as far as we can tell, quite happily bursts to life and continues to evolve and morph and die and be reborn in quite naturally occurring fits and starts and cycles for billions and billions of earth years at the very least. So far.
We, the observer, can accept that the world is nothing like a watch. But it's not been put to us like that. It's been put to us in exactly the opposite way, with the exactly opposite thrust, by asking us to consider the preposterous because it's kind of like the mundane. The argument that the existence of a world infers or even proves the existence of a world maker does not address the somewhat more sobering view that the watch and the watchmaker not only evolved over time, but that all of it happened inside the world that the argument expects us to believe we can then jump out of just and only to consider that that massively, impossibly greater thing is comparable to a watch and a watchmaker. I see a cup and admit to the existence of a cup maker. I see a raindrop but I don't believe somebody made the rain. I see an automobile or a map or a bridge and realise some people made those things. Some people thought of them, designed them, made them, manufactured them. But anything that exists in nature does not provoke the same response so why should all of nature be expected to provoke it?
I'm at a loss to explain the thinking processes of the hard-line Trump supporters. Even now, after seemingly as many scandals in four months as the previous dozen presidents had accumulated between them, the Trump people remain firm in their solidarity. But solidarity should be based on knowledge and truth, much like evolution. The kind of support that Trump's base demonstrates daily is more akin to the dark days before the Enlightenment, hell before the Middle Ages. It's not support at all. It's not belief either. For both support and belief nowadays, in the first quarter of the 21st century, must be measured by more finely honed yardsticks than those used in eons past.
In eons past it was a belief that red haired women were witches, that the sun revolved around a flat earth.
Today a belief cannot be that a proven scam artist would make America great again. Support is not unquestioned ignorance that allows the gutting of the social support network, of affordable health care, of the education system and on and on and on. Support is not the kind of unquestioned ignorance that simply looks the other way, or that sticks its head in the ground, while blunder after blunder after blunder continue on at an hourly rate by a president who simply does not care, does not have a moral centre, and seeks only to enlarge and enrich himself at any external expense. The presidency is for him the perfect job. He does not consider any of the responsibilities. He removes those stresses that a reasonable man would lose sleep and hair over. He permits only self-enlargement at any cost. If he drilled the border with Mexico with ten thousand underground nuclear bombs and Mexico slid into the ocean Trump's forehead wouldn't raise a glow. He believes in the bible only because it is the biggest selling book of all time and the greatest crock. It therefore presents a challenge. His aim is to end the world, or to die, for to him they are the same thing, at the exact moment when the name Trump and his image have usurped all available time and space. Now that is what I call real estate.


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